Collegium: Scientific Report
Re: Unidentified Humanoid Population CI36
The data concerning the unidentified humanoids [designated Species CI36] inhabiting Crimson Isle is mostly inconclusive, although we have determined with the utmost certainty that they are native to planet Nexus. Bio-phase scans do indicate an alarming level of biological mutation throughout the population, well outside the expected margins even for a small, isolated community. High levels of distortion in our visual imagery make it difficult to be precise, but anthropological models based on limited cultural data seem to indicate these humanoids are primitive, superstitious and barbaric. Cannibalism is a distinct possibility. Any all teams that approach this population should do so with the utmost caution.

To: Dominion High Command
Fr: ICI – Military Operations Branch
Security Clearance [A-8+]
General Warbringer: We have completed our analysis of the anomalous signal interference over the Crimson Isle. We are now 94% percent certain that it is not a natural occurrence. The level of sophistication required to conceal an anomaly of that size indicates FCON Military technicians (85% probability), Black Hoods operatives (93% probability) or both (91% probability). The Exiles are unquestionably trying to hide something. ICI recommends that a strike team be sent to infiltrate the island and determine exactly what the enemy is doing there.