Screenshot -- WildStar

Here we are at yet another hump day, but there’s no need to moan and groan. Carbine Studios is here to relieve the midweek slump with a new WildStar Wednesday, this time focusing on the upcoming sci-fi title’s economic and crafting systems. If you’re the type of player who would rather be a trade magnate than a fierce warrior, then this WildStar Wednesday is for you.

According to the devs, player crafting “will play an integral role” in WildStar because of the game’s item modification system, and they stress that “modifying your gear [is] about choice and customization, rather than following a blueprint for the ‘best’ choices.” The developers also reveal that dye and costume systems will be in the game, allowing players to perfect their outfits so they can explore the universe in style without sacrificing function. For the full interview, which includes a few more juicy tidbits on the costume and crafting systems, head on over to WildStar Central and check it out.

When I first saw the trailer I was like, yea this is kinda cool and now that I’ve seen actual game play, not so much. I signed up for beta but I’m kinda hoping they don’t pick me. If the game actual looked like the trailer I might have a different opinion but it looks very WoW-ish right down to the art style and game play. I was hoping for a different experience in how the game play is but Ice daggers? really? IDK, it could change but I’m not expecting it to.