WS dev diary dishes on arena PvP

This is a WildStar PvP arena

Did you know that WildStar has PvP? I didn’t, but then again I only started paying attention after the PAX East housing reveal.

As it turns out, one of WildStar’s “elder games” is arena PvP. The game’s latest dev diary outlines 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 matches, and it also mentions a unique wrinkle or two. For instance, WildStar arenas aren’t single-elimination but rather a series of slugfests wherein each team tries to get the opponent to use up its allotment of respawns.

There’s more, of course, but you’ll need to head to the WildStar website to read it.

This is not the only pvp, it seems like some ppl took from this that there will be nothing else. when i first heard of the respawns i hated it. i thoguht of WoW arenas and how ive played 30 minute 2v2 matches before, and there were no respawns. then i turned my brain on. OMG, are you telling me that healing isnt going to be stupid like every other mmo does it? healers arent going to be able to lay down a telegraph that u can do nothing about and heal everyone to full instantly like most other mmos would do? i really hope this is the kind of system we are going to see, and not have hours long arena battle because of healing and respawns combined.


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