Will you utilize phasing at all to give players the experience of putting their mark

on the world so that they aren’t just running into the structures others have built?

We experimented with that in the beginning, but it’s a tough balancing act. We want

you to feel like you made your mark, but with phasing, you didn’t really make your

mark. We just pretended you did. So almost everything the Settlers now do is

unphased. I can’t think of a single mission of the Settlers that’s phased. There are

very few instances of phasing in the game. We think players see through the fakery of

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So what is the Settler’s function in a dungeon setting?

Settlers who have gone through the content enough times will gather materials that

helps them build extra things in the dungeon. Like, hey, here’s a resurrection

station right next to the final boss. You can choose to invest your materials into

that kind of stuff. Or maybe you’re lucky and got a rare spawn that gave you the

materials your first time through.

One of the things Settlers do separate from building towns is building outposts next

to dangerous chunks of content out in the world. We purposely made certain areas more

dangerous than others. Settlers can build up next to those areas. There will, of

course, be stuff you can freely place around the world too. The campfires are an

example of that.

What sort of perks will Settlers bring to player housing?

Settlers are all about housing. Lots of their rewards come in the form of FABkits,

which can be decor items for you home or buffs to existing decor — for example, if

you had a garden, you would get a better garden because you have a FABkit. All the

paths receive these kits, but the Settler tends to get them more often.

We also had this cool idea to make dungeons for your house. We wanted to ship the

game sometime in our lives, though. We weren’t sure we’d have time to do it. A branch

of our team thought they were too cool not to have and decided, when all the managers

were out, to make housing dungeons. So they put together eight housing dungeons so

that we couldn’t cut it. We haven’t talked about it much because we don’t like to

promise features we can’t finish.