I figured if I’m going to discover the secrets of the planet Nexus, I’m going to need

the smartest character ever. I settled on the psychic powers of the Esper to start.

The class is themed around abilities that use the power of the mind to summon

temporary illusions to a variety of effects. The Esper isn’t a pet class; the longest

illusion “‘pet” lasts only about 10 seconds.
Handson with Wildstar's Scientist Path, Esper class, and more
In fact, playing the Esper felt like playing a magical rogue. I built up charges

using Telekinetic Strike, an ability that summons ethereal blades that pierce all

enemies in a line. Mind Burst consumes the charges while manifesting a large hawk

creature that swoops at the target, heavily damaging enemies in a cone before you.

Building points was much more interesting than just spamming one skill. Telekinetic

Strike hit multiple enemies but forced me to stand still for a cast time.

Concentrated Blades, however, allowed me to summon magical disks on the fly. They

don’t hit immediately; instead, they grow in size before striking at the target. I

also had the option to summon up to three phantoms for charges, each of which

attacked for 10 seconds before evaporating. If the battle turned dicey sketchy (and

it frequently did!), I could use my Crush skill to stun the enemy with a large ghost

-like fist that punched him into the ground.

By level 14, I had acquired only a handful of skills, but the class felt much more

mobile than a traditional caster class. The Esper also had an interesting metagame to

it with the management of combo points and a mana pool. Unfortunately, I wasn’t high

enough in level to see how it performed in groups with healing and support skills

added to the mix. The powers I did use felt interesting and involved; if I mindlessly

pushed buttons, I felt weak, which encouraged me to work combos to devastating