Exploration and Leveling
Players can level through questing, PvP, or dungeons.
The level cap is 50.
Zones each have recommended levels and set levels, so players can travel a bit if

they want something more challenging, easier, etc.
Datacubes can be found while exploring that give away bits of lore.

Questing is pretty standard, except the story in quests is told in little chunks of

radio voiceover, NPC chatter, etc., instead of huge blocks of text that need to be

Quests can be turned in in the field via comm calls. Questgivers will also call you

if you happen to run by them without noticing them and give you quests that way.
There are a handful of vehicle quests, etc.
There are dynamic questgivers that will move around a zone and set up in different

There are lots of random goodies to explore out in the wild, including giant crystals

in the air that can be hopped across using low gravity or hidden merchants and

questgivers that can be unsurfaced. There are also special dynamic areas called

Discoveries that will sometimes spawn a random mob, unlock an instanced area, spawn a

little buff station, or start an event that encourages players to drag enemies to a

certain area and mass kill stuff for lots of rewards.
There are also zone-wide public event objectives that players can team up to work

toward that grant zone-wide buffs.
In addition to quests, there are also challenges, which are pseudo-quests that

automatically pop up on your screen, giving you the option to say, kill 8 bad guys in

X seconds or climb to the top of a certain tree in Y seconds. If you complete the

challenge within the allotted time, you’re rewarded goodies via a slot machine type

window that pops up and lets you choose between XP, reputation, and cash rewards. You

’re also given a chance to redo the challenge if you miss the timer.
When you die, you’re given an option to pay to res where you died once every half an

hour, or just run back from the holo-crypt, which is essentially the graveyard.
While running toward quest objectives, you can toggle on a little holograph around

your character that points you in the general direction you should head in. You’ll

still have to look around a bit once there to find the exact objective location.
There will be lower-gravity zones that allow you to jump really high and require you

to change how you move and fight.
There will be a system in the environment that allows you, for instance, to coast

naturally down a stream on a current.
Each zone has a world boss that will take between 15-20 people to finish off.
Each zone will have a different reputation system. In certain zones, for example, you

’ll be able to kill certain enemies when close to special NPCs in order to gain

reputation with that group.
Depending on what type of server ruleset you choose, you may find yourself flagged

for PvP in zones belonging to the other faction.