WildStar boss

The development has hinted at the carbine , Wildstar server will use cross- play . Wildstar weekly to discuss other MMORPG developer blog has some flaws, and how they want to escape them.

” …… One of the most frustrating experiences is ready to launch , they find that they have introduced a character on a different server to play with your friends .”

Sounds familiar ? Well done to solve , not to mention Final Fantasy , guys . Final Fantasy 14 startup problems created this exact problem last month , Square Enix has just begun to resolve it. Carbine do what they can to prevent the same thing happened in WildStar.

For starters, no matter what you are in the realm ( or the “server” fantasy like-minded players ) , you will be able to talk to your friends , the other server , by simply referring to the end of your comment server . This will also be invited to the party’s work , to give you a common forum, chat , even when you’re not together.

To meet with other worldly friends? No problem ! Instance event too much, you can team up with your friends from the other parties dungeon , stadiums , etc. , although the whole realm of the jump will be impossible.Spots look, we are here to provide cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil Another major limitation is that you can not cross-border transactions , but it is very acceptable , because it will prevent other monopolies .

WildStar development in addition to jump between fields , matchmaking process there are some inspiration. Players will have the opportunity to obtain a set of the viewfinder , to meet the stranger , when your friends offline , each player will so that you can choose whether you want to share your adventure with a cross travelers , and even have their own ” filters .”

All in all, it’s coming across very well thought out , and we hope it will successfully launched . We do not see in a multi- server MMO regular thing !