WildStar explores the nuance sound

Why are you two shouting at a time like this?  You'll use up all the air.

Sounds aren’t often something you think about within a game. A one-second audio clip that plays when an ability activates isn’t a major draw of your attention. But it’s also more relevant than you might think in the long run — that sound is what draws your attention, lets you know what’s going on, and creates the illusion of the world around you. It’s also a very complicated process to build sound effects for a game, as demonstrated by WildStar’s Senior Sound Designer Greg Meader in this week’s WildStar Wednesday.

Meader uses a specific ability to walk through the process of making a sound to fit the on-screen action, in this case an ability deployed by the Skug Queen. The process starts by identifying individual sounds that fit the overall theme, then layering them together and adding additional effects as needed until the whole package sounds right. For all that it’s easy to miss in the midst of the action, it’s clear that the designers are paying a lot of attention to what you hear during battle and elsewhere.