Thanks to the awesomeness that was PAX East 2013, we know a whole lot more about

WildStar than we did a mere few months ago. There’s one slight problem, however.

That information’s kind of spread out between various sites and hidden in long-ish

videos and podcasts. We’re here to help. Here’s our guide to what we currently know

about WildStar. We’ve used lots of bullet points and attempted to organize bits of

information just to make things a little easier to read.

WildStar preview | PC Gamer
At the very end is a list of all the sources we used to come up with gigantic list o

’ juicy tidbits. Source videos and images are also embedded throughout. We’ve also

left out story/lore type information due to players naturally having different

spoiler thresholds. If you noticed we’ve missed anything, feel free to drop us a

line in the comments section below! We’ll be updating this as new information

continues to surface.

The Dominion – “A powerful, interstellar empire that prides itself on kickin’ ass.

” These are the bad guys, kind of, who want to kill everyone who isn’t them. A

large, looming empire who uses fear as a tactic to overrule. Religious.
The Exiles – “A motley crew of refugees, outlaws, and mercenaries.” These are the

good guys, kind of, but are also sort of the underdogs. They’re on the run,

basically, and banded together out of necessity.

Races are locked between the two factions. Some classes can only be certain races,

which are shown below. There are eight races total, two of which are unknown

currently (but hints are slowly making their way out!).
Exile –
Human: Standard human race. Available Classes – Warrior, Stalker, Esper,

Granok: Hulking giants of living stone. Available Classes – Warrior
Aurin: Small, agile bunny-looking things with long tails. Available Classes –

Spellslinger, Stalker, Esper
Cassian: A type of human race. Available Classes: Warrior, Stalker, Esper,

Draken: Fierce beasts with horns and long tails. Available Classes: Warrior,

Spellslinger, Stalker
Mechari: Sentient mechanical beings. Available Classes: Warrior, Stalker
[Speculation] Chua: Small rodent/Gremlin-like creatures. Classes: ??
There are six classes. Two of which are currently unknown. One of these unknown

classes is the game’s main healing class.
Each class gets a specific weapon and armor requirement.
Roles are specific to certain classes. Each class (so far) can do at least two roles.
Some classes are restricted to certain races (see above).
Warrior -Roles:
Melee DPS, Tank
Tech Sword
Medium Armor (upgrades to Heavy)
Ability Resource:
Kinetic Cells. Some attacks/abilities generate Kinetic Cells, others spend them.
Primary Attributes:
Strength (DPS), Technology (Tank – grants additional threat)
Examples of known abilities:
Survivability cooldowns, taunts, charges, yanks, abilities that regenerate shields.
Stalker –Roles:
Melee DPS, Tank
Light Armor (upgrades to Medium)
Ability Resource:
Suit Power
Primary Attributes:
Dexterity (DPS), Technology (Tank – grants additional threat)
Examples of known abilities:
Stealth, bombs, pounce (movement displacement).
Esper –Roles:
Ranged DPS, Healer
Light Armor
Ability Resources:
Mana and Focus Points
Primary Attributes:
Magic (DPS), Wisdom (Healer)
Examples of known abilities:
Summon creatures, charm enemies.
Spellslinger -Roles:
Ranged DPS, Healer
Dual Pistols
Light Armor
Ability Resource:
Spell Surges and Mana
Primary Attributes:
Dexterity (DPS), Wisdom (Healer)