WildStar Goes To San Diego!

Last weekend, the Carbine team traveled to San Diego for our first Comic-Con appearance. With over 100,000 people in attendance, Comic-Con is THE show to be at, and we were really excited to hear that we would be able to host a panel for the fans at the convention.

The panel was a huge success, with fans waiting in line long before the panel started just to see the new race reveals from WildStar (and if you haven’t seen them yet, what are you waiting for?).

We also had a surprise appearance from the (in)famous Fred Tatasciore, seasoned voice actor whose voice, if not face, everyone certainly recognizes. While the panelists discussed the creation of WildStar’s world, characters, and story, Fred entertained the crowd with live re-enactments of the various voices he lends to the game, including the Narrator from What is WildStar, as well some of the weirder alien races he helped create.

After the panel, the team rushed over to the Hotel Palomar, where we held a secret Arkship Event for some of our most dedicated fans (Kudos to Alienware for supporting our events with their super computers). These fans got the first-ever hands-on of the Chua and Mordesh races and a rough look at the early progress of their starting zones. We got some great feedback from them about the various game systems, and loved being able to showcase things that aren’t quite “ready for primetime” yet with a small trusted group. We also organized a raffle session where lots of people got awarded awesome prizes offered to us by Logitech.

Finally, we opened up the event to everyone, with a night-long celebration of WildStar. We sampled drinks created by community member Qizzer (I prefer the Psyblade, while Troy was partial to the Scowling Cassian), chatted with fans, and took crazy greenscreen photos. Most importantly, one of our favorite voice actors, Courtenay Taylor, came by the party to sign some posters and chat with fans. You may remember her as the voice of Jack in Mass Effect or Ada Wong in the recent Resident Evil games, but we love her as Laveka the Dark-Hearted, one of the Draken characters in WildStar.

All in all, we had an amazing time in San Diego, making new friends, seeing old ones, and generally just sharing our excitement for WildStar with anyone who would listen. Thanks to everyone who came by the party, and we’ll see you at the next event!