Screenshot -- WildStar

WildStar’s planet Nexus is a wild, untamed place full of various flora and fauna. It just so happens that a good chunk of said flora and fauna wants to eat your face. Thankfully, the fine folks over at Carbine Studios have decided to give players a leg-up on the competition by providing them with a bit of insight on some of the savage creatures they’ll encounter in the dark corners of the planet.

The spotlight today is on three species of things-you-don’t-want-to-meet-in-a-dark-alley. First off, we have masses of sentient fungus known as rootbrutes, and if their name doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about ’em, then we’re not sure how to help you. If that’s not enough to make you think twice about your next vacay to planet Nexus, maybe the Girrok will give you pause. These huge, stocky quadripeds are known to rip boulders from the earth for a rousing game of bowling, except players are their pins. To top it all off, we have the “barely sentient” Skeech. Despite their near complete lack of intellect, the Skeech are apparently accomplished cooks… of people. So if a Skeech says it wants to have you for dinner, it doesn’t mean a dinner party.