Wildstar executive producer Jeremy Gaffney hopes to become the next upcoming MMO World of Warcraft.

In an interview with reporters Digital Spy, Gaffney said, everyone remembers their first online game, and he hoped Wildstar next generation of players to start.

“First, we want to appeal to hardcore MMO gamers,” Gaffney said.
“Because if there is no one at the top say, ‘This is awesome, I look bad war conspiracy;, I captured the dragon, and I rode it around’, then there is no reason why new players come in and desire to do the same .

“We want to have a game that can take a whole new genre of player they can have fun, they have a fighting action, there is no boring 1,2,3 fight, then they get pulled up, and as time goes on, we hope to convert it into love, hardcore things that we love as long MMO gamers.

“World of Warcraft is a game, do so, so what’s the next game, to do this?

“We want to be a game that requires new players to the genre and really person.

“Because when you play your first online game, it’s like a relationship, you will always remember afterwards, everyone likes the first online game, really hook you, we want for the next generation.”

Gaffney previously told Digital Spy, games stylized visual effects to offset the long development time.

WildStar announced Cologne Game Show in 2011, will be launched in the spring of 2014 for the PC.

Playing in the retail purchase or download free 30-day game time, as well as three guest passes, it can give a friend unlocked.

Game business model also gives players the opportunity to avoid using the game gold to buy airtime subscription.