WildStar is an upcoming action MMORPG from popular developers, NCSoft. Explore the mystical world of Nexus, the legendary home planet of the technologically advanced race of the Eldan. Despite the advancement in many areas of technology the Eldan race disappeared from the galaxy over a thousand years ago. Adventurers and treasure hunters have been searching for this mystical planet for decades, hoping to tap into the technology and magical attributes of the planet.
WildStar promises to deliver players an action based experience unlike anything they’ve seen in the free-to-play space before. The combat revolves around action and reaction, stepping away from the dull combat we see in so many RPG titles today. One of the Runescape Powerleveling combats most defining aspects is the Telegraph system. Every enemy monster in the game has an exciting variety of abilities at their disposal, but these abilities hold a different set of hazards for the players. Every time an enemy uses an extra powerful ability a Telegraph appears in the form of a red area on the battlefield. Every Telegraph gives players the opportunity to dodge enemy skills, adding a new element of skill into combat.
Skilled players are also rewarded depending on their actions. If players are able to kill a large amount of enemies in quick succession, dodge several attacks or chain to gather powerful abilities, they’re rewarded with extra buffs in combat, increased experience and more powerful abilities.
WildStar also boasts one of the most exciting housing systems available online. Players can purchase their own land, construct various buildings and defend it from invaders. Build massive Windmills, construct farms to help improve your quality of life and erect massive cannons to defend your territory against unwanted guests. It’s all possible with the WildStar housing system.