That was a bad thing ? Not necessarily. According to Terry , the familiar is intentional. “I hate to re- invent the wheel , in order that we do something different , ” he said. He used the auction house as an example, stressed his desire to adjust the familiar models. “We said , ‘This is how many other games auction operation , now let’s look at how you can add to it searchable and ease of use .”

WildStar occasionally seems to push this idea to the extreme , because I do not remember when I did not feel immediately familiar with its system while playing. Even my time with the new class engineers comfortable reminds me of my hunter in World of Warcraft , I quickly adapted to its special adjustments, such as temporary armor , and with two pets a job. WildStar does have its innovative elements , but in general seem content to take the familiar EverQuest template and adjust with the best over the years to update and scrapped the worst.

I usually leave these events with the excitement of some flashy new features , and its goal is to ” change everything ” , I just feel excited hiss , because I jumped into a comprehensive review of the clearance requirements for several hours. So I learned not to trust feelings, it is worth noting that , I do not think this kind of excitement here. Instead, I left feeling like I’m playing WildStar just completed a comfortable MMORPG – in other words , the game I tend to encounter some new innovative features , back in the game after another has gone to grab .




Maybe carbine is something here. Terry himself admitted , WildStar team is more concerned with the evolution of the genre , rather than launch a revolution, although he said: . ” I hate to use those words , because I think it is such a dodge ” After all, the market’s most popular network this game is completely in line with the comfort of a model , even though it has a problem from design decisions , accumulated over the years affected . WildStar, however , start with a clean slate.

Is this what we have been looking for ?