WildStar Wednesday looks at the state of the game

What is the holiday season all about if not thoughtful introspection? We reflect on our lives and how we’ve changed and grown, and we look forward to our hopes and dreams for the future. WildStar’s Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney recently got into the spirit of the season with a look at the state of the game.

Raid playspaces have been getting some attention as the team goes through to make sure that the areas are big enough for the large amounts of people they’ll be playing host to. Friends and Family testing has been ramping up in preparation for closed beta tests in 2013, while “small scale” PvP tests of up to 24v24 have been going on. Races and classes that are still under wraps have been getting love and care to make sure they’ll be ready for the public eye. Most importantly, the game now has flamethrowers.

2013 looks like it’ll be a busy year of testing, announcements, and excitement. Hop on over to the official blog to read the full state of the game.