WildStar catalogues lore in its Galactic Archives

Senior Narrative Designer Cory Herndon is all about the lore of WildStar, which is why he’s equally excited about the methods to relay it to the player. In the most recent WildStar Wednesday, Herndon unveils the game’s Galactic Archives, which will do just that.

The Galactic Archives will seem familiar to codices in other MMOs and RPGs. Entries are categorized into locations, creatures, sentient species, notable individuals, plants, minerals, technology, lore, enemies, and allies. Players will naturally unlock Archive sections as they play, expanding each individual article as more is discovered in-game.

Herndon points out that while the Galactic Archives aren’t the only method of relaying story, they are a crucial tool in gathering everything the player’s experienced into one handy location. He also says that players pursuing the scientist path will enjoy expanded and additional selections beyond what others experience.