Anyway, this week we thought we’d give a little update about where we’re at in development, what changes we’ve been working on since the last beta phase ended, and where we go from here. We’ll be referencing Mike Donatelli’s State of the Beta from August, so if you haven’t read it yet, go do that right now. It’s cool, we’ll wait.

Back already? I bet you just skipped ahead so you could checkout the new hotness. That’s fine, I’ll just remember Runescape Powerleveling that next time you’re begging me for a beta invite because you have such great attention to detail.

I want to talk about three major systems we’ve been working on in the last few months that needed some major facelifts. They’re not quite done yet, which is why we’re still holding off on the next beta phase, but they’re in a basic working state, enough that we’re comfortable pulling back the curtain a little to show off the progress.