This here's my very favorite gun.

It makes sense that in the space western atmosphere of WildStar you’ll have to worry about telegraphs. But these aren’t the sort of telegraphs that communicate a message over long distances. No, these are combat telegraphs, the red areas that show up on the battlefield to let you know that something is about to happen. In this week’s WildStar Wednesday, executive producer Jeremy Gaffney narrates a video showing off the telegraphs in the wild.

While the telegraph system is universal in notifying players that something is about to happen, every warning requires a different response. Some are attacks that can be dodged by a quick sidestep, some require fast movement, and some require unorthodox movement by jumping behind the monster. Gaffney also shows off how environmental triggers can be used against enemies by luring them into one another’s attacks or into unsafe areas, creating a dynamic combat environment. Take a look at the full video just past the break to see just how the telegraph system gets the message across to players in the game.

Pretty boring. The game looks ok, but the whole telegraph thing isn’t new at this point. Maybe if this game would have came out last year it would have had a chance. It also having to “holy trinity” is a big let down. This game just feels old, nothing new or interesting to get players.