You’ll able to choose one Path per character. These kind of represent gaming

playstyles. Whether you like to explore, kill all the things, socialize, or tinker

with things that may or may not go boom can affect how you play the game entirely.

Paths can have an effect in PvE and PvP.
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Explorer – Gives you special exploration objectives for exploring grey areas of the

map, placing markers at certain points, and discovering hard-to-reach areas that may

contain special goodies (jumping puzzles). Gives you special doors and access points

only Explorers can unlock that open up areas/tunnels to explore (other players can

gain access to these areas, but not open the doors to them). These tunnels make

traveling sometimes much easier.
Scientist – Studying the environment and performing experiments on plants, organisms,

relics and more.
Soldier – Kill all the things. Gives you objectives for protecting NPCs, killing

waves of enemies, scouting out super powerful enemies, completing public events where

you kill stuff, and more.
Settler – The “social” path essentially. Constructing and upgrading outposts.

Establishing banks, transportation networks, and extra vendors and buildings such as

hospitals. These buildings are in addition to the normal array of vendors,

questgivers, etc. Settlers may have to work with other players to build these items,

which is why it’s a little more social than the other paths. If there are a lot of

Settlers around, the bonuses will increase. They also get a bonus to help build up

their house a little easier.

Path content is about 20% of the questing content. You gain Path XP for completing

Patch objectives and challenges. XP grants you rewards as you progress. One example

reward for an Explorer is a jetpack or speed boots on long-ish cooldowns. One example

reward for a Soldier would be a special weapon that grants an extra power you can use

every now and then.