This week’s WildStar spotlight takes the focus off the look of the game and puts it on the melodious strains of its soundtrack. In it, Carbine Studios Lead Composer Jeff Kurtenacker steps in front of the camera to talk about creating and recording the score for this upcoming MMO.

“The recording process is pretty fascinating and pretty complicated, actually,” Kurtenacker began. He said that the score starts with his recording basic MIDI tunes for use in the game’s early testing. Following that, he assembles musicians to record the proper score, including “cues” (short pieces) and longer tracks.

His favorite part of the recording day comes when there’s silence right at the beginning and then the first notes fill the air. “That always to me is a fantastically amazing moment,” he said.

On top of the video, which you can check out after the jump, Carbine’s provided two free music tracks to download and enjoy: Enemy Camp Battle and Rescue Mission.

Thanks for the article . It’s so nice to see that game producers are still willing to fork out money for a proper live orchestra. I’m not knocking the good use of samples and synthesis though – Jeremy Soule did an amazing job on Guild Wars 2’s soundtrack (heck … all of the titles he’s worked on), but there’s nothing quite like hearing game music come alive with a real orchestra. It just lifts the overall quality of a title in such a positive and significant way. Well done Carbine and great work Jeff! Wishing you guys lots of success.