WildStar reveals 2013 launch window, ambitious plans to make MMOs fun again

Check it, y'all. I'm the cutest thing this side of Dominion space. And I'm clothed.

WildStar has won Massively’s “most anticipated MMO” award for the past two years, even edging out Guild Wars 2 for the title in 2012. No pressure or anything, right? Fortunately, the game won’t have an opportunity to go for three: As announced in this morning’s state of the game letter, we can expect WildStar’s closed beta within the next three months and a launch at the end of 2013 if all goes well during the testing process.

To mark the occasion, Carbine Studios invited press to the equivalent of a video game debutante ball in San Francisco to see just how much the sci-fantasy sandpark MMO has grown since our last tour (nearly two years ago). I escaped my Editor-in-Chief cage to attend the event and play the game, interrogate the developers, and judge whether those anticipated awards were well-deserved after all. Enjoy the fruits of my sneak peek!