Wildstar class and race

After yesterday’s unveiling of Carbine Studio’s colorful entry into the MMO races, we’ve been understandably curious about this WildStar and could have s’more, please? Fortunately, a fan site has dug out some details about three of the game’s races and classes, all of which can be seen in the hilarious trailer that Carbine released.

On the racial side, players have the Granok, Human and Aurin to choose from. The Granok are hulking, cigar-chomping slabs of rage, the Humans are exiles looking for a new home, and the Aurin are cute bunny-people who must go through Q-tips like mad.

As for classes, players who prefer to get up close and personal with their enemies would do well to choose the Warrior, who boasts a number of strong tech and melee attacks, which are powered by fuel cells and adrenaline, respectively. Spellslingers use a pair of special pistols to stay on top of ranged damage, relying on a balanced rotation of magic and gunplay to keep up with DPS. And finally there’s the Esper, your standard Mage class, who uses psychic spells like Telekenetic Strike to do massive damage to helpless enemies.

There are reportedly more classes and races than just these, and we’ll keep our eyes on Carbine as more details pour out about this promising title.