Fought with a lot of people in the war.

Stone is patient, stone is durable, and stone hurts a whole lot when applied to someone else’s forehead. WildStar’s Granok follow a philosophy they call the Way of Stone, and all of those principles apply to the race as a whole. The latest installment of WildStar Wednesday takes a look at the slate-skinned giants, explaining the race’s culture and how they went from their isolated and primitive existence on the planet Gnox to being starfaring mercenaries.

The Dominion originally approached the Granok hoping to use them as durable shock troops and laborers, but the Granok as a whole refused the offer, prompting a war with the superpower that the Granok quickly began losing. It was only when a leader emerged willing to fight dirty that the tide began to turn for the Granok, setting into motion their eventual exile from Gnox. Take a look at the full article for all the details on these stony soldiers of fortune and the war for their planet, one that ended with a victory almost as bad as defeat.

The game’s still in pre-alpha, and they’ve shown us very little player character art – as far as I know, this is the first time we’ve seen both genders of any race, including humans.   I agree that the female Granok do look a little odd, but hopefully we’ll both see something we like.