Shiny.  Let's be bad guys.

WildStar is shaping up to be a lot of things, but “peaceful” isn’t one of them. Players watching the various previews already have an idea of what the more natural threats in the game world will look like. This week’s installment of WildStar Wednesday focuses on a much more human element, however: three different criminal organizations that all have a decided interest in the region of Algoroc. As if the wildlife wasn’t bad enough, you have to contend with all manner of criminals as well.

Marauders are intergalactic pirates, the Darkspur Cartel is essentially an interstellar mafia, and the Crowe Gang is a group of smugglers and moonshine brewers. But all of them have an interest in Algoroc, and none of them are open to outsiders or anything law-abiding in the area. That means players are going to have to face off against all three, and from the looks of the preview, none of these groups will go down easily.