This has a name!  I call her Vera!

Players might be exploring the world of Nexus in WildStar, but it’s not their world. It belonged to the Eldan, and while the race itself might not be present, its technology is still everywhere. The newest installment of WildStar Wednesday takes a look at some of the automated robots left behind by the Eldan. They’re not directly malicious, but they’re also not particularly friendly, pursuing ancient objectives and antiquated functions with single-minded devotion.

While Probes are primarily meant for gathering information and surveillance, the floating eyes are equipped with shielding and directed-energy weapons to keep themselves safe. Protectors have a more direct combat function; the lumbering humanoid robots found gathered around important scientific sites. Last but not least, the Augmentors are rare but potent machines capable of injecting nanomachines into a subject to start a process of mechanical integration known as augmentation. Take a look at all of the machines on this week’s installment of the preview column — even if you don’t necessarily want to blow these gadgets up, they don’t have any such compunctions about you.