WildStar spins the sad yarn of the Aurin

WildStar Wednesday spins the sad yarn of the Aurin

For players who are considering the Aurin as their WildStar race of choice or just anyone who loves a bit of lore, Carbine Studios released the bitter tale of this nature-loving people and why they ended up on the fleet of Exiles traveling to Nexus.

It turns out that the Aurin, much like the Ewoks, lived in harmony with the big trees of their homeworld. Their new friendship with the Humans had a pretty severe downside, as it brought down the wrath of the Dominion upon their heads and their land. Before long, a bulk of the Aurin had to evacuate in order to avoid extinction, and thus joined the Humans on their star trek.

Of course, that’s the short version; for the full-length soon-to-be-a-major-motion-picture version, you’re probably going to want to read Carbine’s chief storyteller’s efforts.

“The Aurin were happy to trade fresh food and water for the strange new tools offered by the humans, and a friendship born of kindness and generosity quickly blossomed between the two races.”

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