Concept Art -- WildStar

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first (of many, we hope) WildStar Wednesday. The magnificent Robert “Robeardo” Land and the fabulous Andy Cotnam from Carbine Studios have collaborated on a short dev diary to kick things off after WildStar’s recent official announcement and convention circuit.

The diary focuses on the creation of a WildStar boss by the name of Metal Maw. Metal Maw, for the uninitiated, was conceived at Gamescom during a live drawing session featuring Mr. Cotnam, with the help of some fan input. Now that the creature has been created, Cotnam takes fans through the process of bringing a boss monster from the page to the game. For the full process — and some lovely concept art, to boot — head on over to the official dev diary.

Really cool to see the design process and the evolution. Its also really cool how they reached out to fans to basically create the creature from step one. We’ve seen “Design a Monster” type contests before, but seeing it in real time, working hand in hand with the designers to bring it to life is a whole new level of awesomeness.

The developers seem to have a really clear idea of what they want to accomplish, recognize the importance of their fans and their fans’ ideas, and are wholly embracing that, which is awesome.

Really looking forward to seeing a lot more from this game.