While some fledgling MMOs may act coy or hesitant about including user-created addons for their game, WildStar is going the opposite route and embracing them full-on. Lead Client Engineer Jon Wiesman penned a dev blog explaining why Carbine is enthusiastically supporting addons for the game from launch.

Wiesman previously worked at EverQuest’s Verant and is currently the driving force behind WildStar’s UI engine. He reports that not only will players be able to change the look and layout of the UI from the get-go, but WildStar will support Lua to allow for addons and mods.
See, that’s the right way to handle an “open system”. Lord knows, anyone *can* write a BIOS for most motherboards, but good luck finding the documentation and support to even know where to start such a project. You could read for years and still not know where to begin. Anyhow, kudos to Jon for having the heart of a good teacher.
He assures potential players that creating such addons won’t be a frustrating experience devoid of proper instruction and support: “If you can program at all, I promise you’ll be able to make an addon for our game. Our commitment is to make sure the process is documented, clear, and accessible. Promise.”