He's either angry or getting up after a nap.  I give even odds either way.

Movement is always important in MMOs; you can’t get into arguments about who’s standing in the fire if everyone is rooted in place, after all. Since WildStar is promising active combat, it needs to have even more movement than normal so that you can find new and exciting ways not to stand in new and exciting sorts of fire. And the newest DevSpeak video is all about that.

“That” being movement. Not new and exciting sorts of fire. It’s still pretty much normal fire.

Some elements will be immediately familiar to anyone who has played a video game on a computer within the past decade. Some elements are a bit more uncommon, like double-jumping or giving every class access to a quick dashing roll. And some elements, like switching positions with a target by tearing a hole in space itself, are pretty well unique. Take a look at all of them just past the break.