Screenshot -- WildStar

You may remember that earlier this year, our very own Bree Royce had the opportunity to attend a WildStar press event where she got a nice, tasty scoop on Carbine’s hopes of fostering the creation of user-developed UI mods within WildStar’s community. Well in today’s WildStar Wednesday, Jon “Bitwise” Wiesman takes a closer look at the addon development tools players will have at their disposal and also highlights the first-ever WildStar mods to come out of the game’s closed beta.

Players will have access to a development tool known as Houston, which allows players to “easily create [their] own addons to extend WildStar’s UI,” as well as providing “full access to all of the Carbine-authored source code.” A player by the name of PacketDancer has already put Houston through its paces, and she has the honor of being the developer of WildStar’s first UI mods, which range from a group-finding tool to a roleplaying mod library. The WildStar devs are obviously thrilled to see the community embracing the addon tools this early in beta, and we have to admit we’re looking forward to seeing what other craziness WildStar players dream up. In the meantime, though, check out all the addon development details over at the game’s official site.