WildStar welcomes us to Gallow

Carbine hosted a light WildStar Wednesday this week due to traveling to E3, and as such we’ve been given a slew of pictures to tide us over. The five screenshots are of Gallow, one of the towns in WildStar that is located in Algoroc.

Gallow appears to be a frontier town with a handful of structures, including a rickety water tower. It sits nestled in a mountainous region marked by pine trees, lush grass, and jutting red buttes.

If you feel a little robbed by this week’s reveal, Carbine promises that next Wednesday will present a doozy: “Behind the scenes, the community team is working on a pretty major project that we’ll unveil at next week’s WildStar Wednesday, so stay tuned for an in-depth first look at something we’ve never shared about WildStar!”

How players want to play takes a major role in how the game actually plays out for the individual. Explorers get more XP from exploring the world and abilities to help them find new areas. Soldiers/Fighters get more XP from killing things and abilities that help them spawn “public events” that draw in more enemies for everyone to kill. Collectors/Lore Aficionados get more XP from collecting items with bits of lore attached to them (and probably some sort of log to view the collection/story). Socializers get more XP from building relationships in-game like guilds and help to establish and maintain in-world cities complete with NPCs. This game sets out to reward players for playing the way they want to play, instead of forcing everyone along the same path of kill this, get better gear to kill something bigger, to get better gear… repeat ad nauseum.