M30 Patch Notes

Leaks are a challenge for every game. Here’s how it generally works: You identify people who are excited about your game, and map that interest to their machine’s ability to play that game. Then you invite them into your house to provide critical feedback on your development team’s hard work.

This relationship is governed by a few things, not the least of which is an NDA, or Non-Disclosure Agreement. In our case, It’s a legal agreement that is digitally signed by the chosen beta tester. It basically states that by signing the agreement, the tester promises not to share anything they learn about the WildStar beta with the public.

Sure, the NDA is an important document. It is a legal arrangement between us, and our testers. But there’s a more important contract we need to discuss: the social contract we have with our testing community. This is an agreement founded on trust and a genuine excitement to invite people that aren’t beholden to a Carbine paycheck to join us in our efforts in making the best MMO possible.

Carbine as a studio isn’t afraid to talk about what isn’t working. We aren’t afraid of critical feedback. Sure, we love positive feedback, but we crave intellectual discussions around the fundamentals of MMO development, and today’s MMO player has evolved into one of the most savvy, experienced and knowledgeable consumers known to gaming.

We love games too, and we live to have these discussions with our testers on a daily basis. Candor and openness is natural to our process, and we’ve followed through on our commitment to transparency in many ways, and in several places, across the internet. We will continue to do so moving forward.

Now, to my point: The beta patch notes for WildStar were leaked by a current beta tester. Our core fansite supporters have, out of respect for Carbine, opted not to share that leaked information, knowing it was a violation of our mutual trust.

So with a mind towards fairness to those people who have maintained that trust, we’re taking the leak public in an official capacity. No, we won’t be doing this every time. Yes, we want to remove the person/s who leaked this information from beta. Yes, we want to avoid future leaks.

Yes, we want to openly discuss areas of our game that require critical feedback. We’d just like to do it on our terms.

In the end, this is about trust and respect. We trust and respect our community, and refuse to let this particular bad apple spoil this entire bunch.

So, here you go. The M30 Patch Notes.

Enjoy, won’t you?

For this first phase of beta, the level cap is 22.
Player inventory has been divided into three parts: Inventory, Supply Stash, and Quest Inventory.
Supply Stash will keep track of all your various tradeskill and hobby ingredients so they no longer take up valuable bag space.
Quest Inventory will only appear when you have received or collected required items for quests. Many quests which used to grant quest items have now relocated those items to the new Quest Inventory.
Players are now limited to 40 active quests.
Group Finder has been added! You can use the Group Finder to flag yourself for PvP, as well as to queue for Dungeons, PvP, and Adventures. In this phase of Beta, you can queue for the following content (at the appropriate levels):
Dungeon: Stormtalon (Level 17-22)
PvP: 3v3 Arenas (Level 22)
Experience gains have been reduced across the board. Let us know how this new pacing feels!
The bonus deflect and crit deflect chance earned by a higher level/rank target when fought by a lower level attacker has been increased. This applies to PvE combat only, meaning that higher level players will avoid lower level/rank creatures’ attacks more often, but will find that higher level/rank creatures avoid their attacks more often as well.
Rest XP is now earned by all characters. Thayd earns Rest XP at about twice the rate of the Open World, Housing Plots earn at a rate about 3 times the Open World, and Housing Interiors earn at a rate about 4 times the Open World.
A ton of quests have had their objective arrows fixed to point towards the proper location.
Most quests have had text and voiceover passes.


Searching has been implemented in the Schematic list as well as “Show All” and “Show Unlocked” filters.
Schematic display redesigned for clarity and proper messaging of needed materials. Also, schematics include chips as materials (including whether or not you have any).
Sub-recipes added to the schematic tab with “Expand All” functionality.
Progress links now open the correct tree and only the player’s unlocked ranks are shown on the Overview tab.
Tech Tree final art has been added.
Added a new sprite for Tradeskill nodes on the map.
Modify/Extract toggle has been added to the Inventory, allowing players to directly open and alter items using either UI (both are now housed on the same panel).
Crafting has a new “Start” screen that provides the player with needed info before engaging the UI.
New crafting feedback screen shows the results of a craft and allows the player to re-craft the same item if they have the materials needed.
Hot/Cold feedback fixed and is more apparent on the Crafting results screen.
Incomplete crafts open by default when the Crafting UI is triggered.
Overall layout redistributed to give materials and additives more room
(Co-Ord) Additive window redesign for direction-based gameplay with “compass filter” and tier filters
Added feedback for which known variant is which dot on the crafting display.


Character and circle titles now properly appear and update on nameplates when changed by a player.
Public Events now have summary screens available once completed, showing stats for everyone who participated, as well as rewards earned.
Item Previewing is now available! Control+Right Clicking on an item will show what the item will look like once it is equipped.
The Need vs. Greed UI has been updated, including tooltips when hovered over.
All chat buttons now have appropriate tooltips.
The Quest Log has been polished and is now 46% prettier. New features include:
Categorization for quests.
Tabbed layout to separate active, completed, and ignored quests.
Entries now provide more information.
Incoming comm calls appear in the Active list with much more detail about the episode and category.
Zone maps have been updated and polished, including:
Color-coded objectives
Subzone maps (for various areas or missions within the zone which may bring you into instances or underground areas).
Continent button filters have been removed. Players can now select a continent from the world view screen and then choose a zone from the map or dropdown.
Mouse wheel usage on the Map has been changed. Zooming out will always work, but zooming in will always go back to your current zone
Added a new “zoom to me” button to the Map UI.
Viewing a zone with subzones will now show a dropdown of all subzones.
Polished zone maps for the following regions:
Northern Wilds
Steady Traveler
Infestation X82
Added the System Menu (normally accessed by hitting ESC) to the Interface Menu.
All abilities (including Innate) should correctly draw cooldowns, out of range, etc.
The costume toggle on the Character window has been temporarily disabled.
Updated the Death UI to ensure the “Rez at Caster” button only appears when someone has cast the corresponding spell.
Trade UI has been polished and improved.
Recall UI has been added, allowing players to recall to both a bound point as well as their house.


Power Rating has been split into Assault Power and Support Power, and abilities now either use Assault Power or Support Power to determine their damage/heals.
The Character Panel displays a player’s Assault/Support Power by combining their Weapon’s Assault/Support Power with their classes’ specific Assault/Support Attribute (as listed below).
Example: A Warrior has 200 Strength and equips a weapon with 100 Assault Power. Strength contributes directly to the Warrior’s Assault Power, so this Warrior would have 300 Assault Power.
Warrior Stats: Strength for Assault, Technology for Support
Stalker Stats: Dexterity for Assault, Technology for Support
Esper Stats: Magic for Assault, Wisdom for Support
Spellslinger Stats: Dexterity for Assault, Wisdom for Support
Blind visual effects have been added.
Tether Breakout Gameplay has been added.
While tethered, you will not be able to move far from the tether unit.
Breakout Gameplay: The player can attack and destroy the spawned creature to instantly remove the tether effect.
Dash is no longer prevented when silenced.
You will now get “Dazed” if you take damage while sprinting.
Daze lasts for 2 seconds and reduces your movement speed by 50%.
Dashing will now properly interrupt any spell casting.
Added new right click “auto attacks”.
These abilities deal a small amount of damage to a single target.
The Limited Action Set now allows for a maximum of 7 class abilities (down from 9).
Removed the upfront cost of 100 endurance from Sprint.
Out of combat health regeneration has been adjusted.
Level 1 – 10 Seconds to Full (previously 7)
Level 10 – 25 Seconds to Full (previously 20)
Level 20 – 40 Seconds to Full (previously 30)
Settler turrets now scale off of Assault Power.

Esper + Spellslinger

Recovery Specialist: Now can only proc once every 3 seconds.
Recovery Specialist: Now heals for proper amount.


Elemental Retribution: Reduced hit chance to 10% (down from 40%).
Sapping Strikes: Reduced hit chance to 20% (down from 50%).


Maximum Suit Power has been reduced to 100 from 300.
Suit Modes can now be toggled on and off.
You may now only have 1 Suit Mode active at a time.
Suit Powers no longer drain Suit Power while active (but do have an activation cost).
All Melee Stalker attacks have had their range increased to 6 meters (up from 5).
DPS abilities have had a threat balance and should no longer be generating an absurd amount of threat.
Suit Power Regeneration has been decreased to 4/second (down from 5/second).
Sprint and Dash no longer break Stealth.
Stalker Milestones no longer break Stealth when activated.
Updated all tooltips to ensure they are standardized with other classes.
Nano Field
Damage contribution has been increased to 20% Support Power per tick (up from 15%).
Now has a 20 Suit Power cost on initial cast and an additional 20 Suit Power on the 2nd press.
Damage contribution on the second press has been reduced to 120% Support Power (down from 225%).
The transference rate has been reduced to 50% (down from 100%).
Fixed a bug that was causing the ability to reduce threat rather than generate threat.
Now has a DoT that deals 42% Assault Power every 1 second. This ignores shields.
This is now a telegraph ability.
The initial damage has been reduced to 70% Assault Power (down from 110%).
Removed the 15 second cooldown.
Analyze Weakness
Renamed from Expose Weakness.
Range has been reduced to 25 meters (down from 30 meters), and now appears in the tooltip.
The initial damage has been removed.
Now deals 200% Assault Power (down from 250%).
Fixed a bug that was causing other Stalkers to consume the Mark.
Removed the Ability Charges associated with the spell.
Now has an 8 second cooldown.
The Stealth Perk now increases Suit Power regeneration when consumed rather than a flat health restore.
Suit Mode: Exoskeleton
The Passive portion of this ability now increases your Armor by 100% Support Power rather than a flat percentage.
The Activate is no longer a group buff. Now increases your Armor by 500% Support Power.
Now has an innate 150% Threat Generation while active.
The first two strikes now hit twice with each hit.
The third hit on Whiplash has been removed.
Now uses the proper Stalker GCD of 1 second.
Razor Disk
No longer returns the disk after it reaches max distance.
Increased the damage to 150% Support Power (up from 75%).
Increased the damage on the bleed to 35% Support Power (up from 20%).
The range has been increased to 30 meters (up from 20).
The Stealth bonus no longer sends out multiple disks.
Now uses the proper Stalker GCD of 1 second.
Tether Mine
No longer breaks Stealth on use
Enemies caught in the initial blast are damaged for 32% Assault Power every second for 8 seconds.
Reduced the pull min range to 5 meters and the max range to 10 meters.
Fixed a bug that was preventing the Pull from working at max range.
Now costs 30 Suit Power.
The animation now plays regardless of the initial facing of the caster.
Targets must now be in front of the caster in order to use this ability.
Increased the damage to 100% Assault Power (up from 65%).
No longer has ability charges associated with it.
Increased the cooldown to 8 seconds.
Snare is now applied at the same time as the Root for the Stealth perk.
Reduced the total number of targets hit to 3 (down from 5).
Suit Mode: Bloodthirst
Fixed a bug that was causing a passive threat generation.
The passive transference has been reduced to 10% (down from 25%).
The activate transference has been reduced to 50% (down from 100%).
Added a buff to the activate that increases Assault and Support power by 10%
Fixed a bug that was causing it to break Stealth
Removed the Suit Power cost on the passive.
Fixed a bug that was preventing Stealth from being toggled off.
The in-combat activate is now removed when an ability triggers a stealth perk.
Increased the activate cooldown to 25 seconds (up from 20 seconds).
Stealth speed has been increased by 25%.
Quick Strike
Regenerates Suit Power on the very first hit (instead of the third).
Now generates 10 Suit Power (up from 5).
Now hits 3 targets (down from 5).
No longer breaks Stealth if it doesn’t hit a target.
The damage can now miss if your target is out of range of the 2nd and 3rd hits of the swing.
Tactical Strike
The telegraph decal has been changed to a 90 degree cone instead of a line.
Reduced Suit Power cost to 20 (down from 25).
Reduced ability charges to 2 (down from 3).
Fixed a bug that prevented damage from being applied if you were in front of a target.
Removed the animation hold.
Increased recharge time to 12 seconds (up from 6 seconds).
Increased the damage of the non-bonus damage to 110% Assault Power (up from 84%).
Staggering Strike
The telegraph decal has been changed to a 90 degree cone instead of a line.
No longer generates Suit Power.
Now consumes 20 Suit Power.
Now stuns 3 targets (up from 1).
The Stealth bonus has been changed to grant increased stun duration.
This is no longer a Suit Mode and instead is now a separate ability.
The damage done by clone has been increased by 30% across the board.
Removed the Blink component of the spell.
Added a Pounce ability that the clone uses when a target is out of range.
Removed the Suit cost per second.
Removed the partial stealth on cast.
Fixed a bug that was causing the clone to mimic nearby allies.
The telegraph now properly shows the area where damage is dealt.
Now has a Stealth perk that Disarms enemies hit.
Cooldown has been reduced to 4 seconds (down from 15 seconds).


Absorb Shield effects do not stack (only 1 effect can be active at a time).
The Spellslinger’s primary support stat is now Will (and no longer Magic).
Spell Surge is no longer an activated effect, and is consumed anytime you use a spell with a Surge Bonus and have a Spell Surge available.
Abilities bought from the Ability Vendor now require coin and not just an Ability Point
All Spellslinger abilities have been correctly flagged to require a weapon equipped when the ability calls for it.
The Spellslinger now has Mana and most Spellslinger abilities now require Mana to cast.
Recoil, Concussive Shot, Gun Kata, and Sigil: Crash have all been removed.
Arcane Infusion
New Ability
Instantly heals an allied target for 700% Support Power and an additional 50% Support Power each second for 12 seconds. Also gives the target 3 Interrupt Armor.
New Ability
Has 3 charges that regenerate once every 7.5 seconds.
Deals 90% Assault Power damage to a single target in a line in front of the caster. Targets below 30% Health take 180% Assault Power damage.
When Spell Surged, deals 126% Assault Power damage normally and 262% Assault Power damage to targets below 30% health.
Charged Shot
Now has 4 tiers which deal 50% | 113% | 170% | 250% Assault Power damage
Each tier now has its own cooldown: 2 |3 |5 | 7
Cone of Frost
Name has been changed from Frozen Bolt.
The ability now fires in a cone and not a line in front of the caster.
Cooldown increased to 15 seconds (up from 10 seconds).
The spell now always applies a 3 second root.
When Spell Surged the spell also applies a 6 second snare.
Now hits up to 3 targets up from a single target.
New Ability
Applies an Absorption Shield with 300% Support Power Health to up to 3 targets in a line in front of the caster.
When Spell Surged it applies an Absorption Shield with 410% Support Power.
Focus Target
New Ability
Enhances all healing the target receives from you by 20% for 30 seconds.
Cooldown increased to 30 seconds (up from 20).
Telegraph effect area width increased to 4 meters (up from 3).
Renamed from Flash Fire.
Now hits up to 3 targets (up from 1).
Power Torrent
This ability is now the class innate ability.
Runic Healing
New Ability
Heals your target 31% Support Power health every 0.25 second for 2 seconds. Can be used while moving, but healing is reduced to 16% Support Power.
Spatial Shift
The target of Spatial Shift is now immobile and immune to damage while the spell is being cast on them.
The spell will now always hit.
True Shot
New Ability
Deals 185% Assault Power damage on up to 3 targets in a line in front of the caster. Can fire up to 3 shots before going on cooldown and each shot fires faster than the last (2 secs/1 sec/ 0.5 sec).
When Surged, all cast times are reduced by 50%.
Vitality Burst
New Ability
Heals the 5 lowest health targets in a large cone in front of the caster for 200% Support Power per charge tier.


Threat generation has been adjusted on all tanking abilities to be more in line with the Stalker Tank’s threat generation.
Default melee range increased to 6 meters (up from 5).
All abilities have been altered so that they no longer reference Weapon DPS, Strength and Technology contribution and now simply reference Assault Power(DPS) and Support Power(Tank).
Menacing Strikes
GCD reduced to 0.75 seconds (down from 1.1).
Damage Contribution reduced to 50% Support Power (down from 65%).
Reduced max range to 10 meters (down from 12).
Icon and visuals have been updated.
Atomic Spear
To compensate for the changes to Menacing Strikes, damage contribution has been reduced to 140% Support Power (down from 175%).
Is no longer a single target attack and hits up to 3 enemies in a cone ahead of the Warrior.
Cooldown increased to 45 seconds (up from 20).
Flash Bang
Cooldown increased to 45 seconds (up from 30).
Removed the ability charges from this ability and changed the tooltip to follow suit.
Utilizes the new Blind CC effect.
Now generates a full cell on use.
Emergency Reserves
Now increases maximum Shield Capacity by 500% Support Power rather than a flat 100% increase.
The duration of the buff has been reduced to 10 seconds (down from 25).
Bum Rush
Visuals Updated
Visuals Updated
Plasma Shield
Reverberate damage contribution increased to 20% Support Power (up from 3%).
Plasma Saw
The bleed effect’s damage contribution has been increased to 20% Assault Power per tick (up from 2%). However, the bleed no longer stacks.
The instant damage contribution from Plasma Saw has been reduced to 145% Assault Power (down from 205%).
The minimum range has been removed from Leap.
Leap now applies the Hold CC to enemies while the Warrior is traveling to the target.
Savage Strikes
Fixed an issue that was causing this ability to deal more damage than expected.
Reduced max targets to 5 (down from 10).
Is no longer a single target attack and hits up to 3 enemies in a line ahead of the Warrior.
Focus consumers no longer refund mana.
Removed threat from all abilities that should not cause threat.
Blade Dance
Blade Dance no longer has a cooldown.
No longer grants a Focus Point.
Concentrated Blade
Damage is now 115% Assault Power (up from 100%)
Cooldown increased to 35 seconds (up from 30).
Fade Out
Caster now also loses all threat when casting this spell.
Removed “decoy” aspect.
Switched from Press and Hold to Channeled with an 8 second cast time.
Reduced total mana restored to 500, down from 1000.
Increased cooldown to 90 seconds (up from 60).
Mental Boon
Reworded tooltip to state that it affects 4 group members.
Added new visuals.
Now only heals group members (and caster).
Tooltips now properly display.
Mind Over Body
Reduced size of area around Lantern to 6m (down from 10m).
Phantasmal Armor
Reduced Interrupt Armor granted to 2 (down from 5).
Phantom Swarm
Cooldown has been increased to 10 seconds, up from 8.
Duration of pets has been reduced to 10 seconds, down from 12.
Is now a Channeled spell rather than a Press and Hold.
Threat has been reduced.
Cooldown increased to 30 seconds (up from 20).
Threat has been reduced.
Spectral Frenzy
Damage is now 37% Assault Power, down from 38%
Cast time now 1 second (down from 1.25).
Increased time for Rapid Tap to 5 seconds (up from 3).
The second and third Rapid Tap now ignore the GCD.
Mana cost has been removed.
Telekinetic Strike
Damage is now 90% Assault Power, down from 115%
Mana cost has been removed.
Telekinetic Storm
Cooldown has been removed.
Northern Wilds
Trees will now animate as the Ultrabot moves out of the trees.
Bartol Sunward and the Rescued Exile Survivors should now properly appear in Settler’s Reach when Indigenous Intelligence is achieved or completed.
Added directions for the Ancient Tower so objective arrows function more accurately for Empowered Tower and The Tower.
All party members now see comm calls after activating the cannon.
Mennon Stone now speaks and sounds like an Exile male. As an added bonus he now talks about Settler stuff.
Deadeye Brightland is now always willing to speak with you.
Added Sadie Brightland and Grim to Land’s Reach. Sadie is no longer visible after Contact with Thayd, while Grim and Deadeye are visible at Camp Icefury.
Fixed an issue where Deadeye was remaining visible at Land’s Reach even after Contact with Thayd was complete.
Replaced Transmat Terminals with Holocrypts.
Cryptic Message items are no longer given.
Message In A Bottle is no longer a quest, rather an achievement for finding all 3.
Fixed the Demonclaw Pass datacube so it can be collected.
Challenge: Dominion Destroyer – Now has proper loot rewards.
Irradiated snoglug now have telegraph attacks.
Dagun Meat now shows up with a display icon.
Loftite Crystals floating in Tremor Rridge no longer show nameplates
Judges Arrival – grenades thrown by Morek will no longer kill players.
The first episode of the final subzone of Algoroc (post-Gallow) has been completely reworked.
The starting areas of Galeras now have proper Settler content.
Tempest Refuge Invasion public event – removed vendors cowering behavior so they will always be accesible to shoppers. Updated objective text to kill Groundswell Fodder.
Holocrypt added in Thayd.
Holocrypt added to Tempest Refuge.
Fixed Hold the Lettuce challenge so all plants can be activated. Increased spawn rate slightly to make gold rank possible.
Defend the Gate – Fixed some issues with how the holdout was initiated.
Calling the Arkship – Condensed objectives to remove cases where the quest could get stuck if players log out or die during the quest. Added cinematic on achieving the quest.
Increased kill counts for Ravenok Reaper Chalenge slightly.
Added a gold tier to the Whimthorn Whacker challenge.
Deliver the Supplies – Refactored the quest to remove bottleneck. Players must now prevent the Pack Kurg from dying. All players near the kurg when it reaches its destination will receive credit.
Added a Silver tier to the Falkrin Flayer challenge.
Updated holocrypt location for Stormwing Fortress and the Crosswind fields.
Chief Engineer Brek now acts as a normal reputation vendor.
Skywatch vendors are now available at all times, even during the siege.
Chompacabra Menaces – Updated quest to focus on finding Eldan Artifacts by searching dirt mounds or killing Chompacabra.
Demise of the Stormwing – Bride Osprea no longer appears friendly. Removed her two spawned in protectors. Moved some of the nearby falkrin to give her more room to fight.
Frantic Field Medicine Challenge – The Field Medic’s kit can now only be activated if player meets the minimum lvl of 16, and has not unlocked the challenge before.
Basic word filters are now in-game. Character names, chat, guild names, and circle names, are all checked against this list.
If you find any words or word combinations that don’t work but should, let us know on the forum!
Party chat now informs players of any changes to group loot rules, instance difficulty, or game modes.
Now gives error message of “Player already grouped” if player is in your group, regardless of whether the player is logged in or not.
Tells now properly indicate if the line is to or from that person.
Fixed several instances of circles using “guild” in text responses
Scaling décor is now properly limited within reason.
Fixed a bug where players could sometimes arrive on the same housing plot.
Fixed a UI bug that would allow players to place décor past their limit, which would cause a crash.
Fixed a bug where the housing UI would disappear after camping and returning to the housing plot.
Fixed a bug that prevented players from purchasing décor after previewing the item multiple times.
Fixed a bug where players were sometimes unable to build anything after completing the housing quests.
Fixed a bug where moving or rotating décor with the transform gizmo wasn’t enabling the “place” button in the UI.
Fixed a bug that caused players to be unable to place décor on the exterior of their house.
Fixed a bug that caused players to be unable to interact with, or enter their house.
Soldier Holdouts now scale difficulty based on the number of players participating in the Holdout.
Settler Scout, Sheriff, and Mayor missions are now available in Algoroc and Galeras.
Explorer – Scavenger hunts now display objective arrows for the closest clue area, rather than a single large radius for the entire mission.
Fixed a bug where Settler “bat-signals” were not always appearing.
The UI will now tell Settlers which improvements must be built to unlock secondary improvements.
Settler depots now appear on the minimap when they are nearby.
Settler Infrastructure scaffolding now has collision and a knockback when the building begins.
Fixed an issue where Settler Improvements were not always showing up when built.
Scientist – Creatures that despawn when scanned are no longer instantly scanned.
Fixed a bug where Settler infrastructure scaffolding was not appearing.
Fixed a bug where Explorer beacons were not dropping.
Collectables are now usable after a failed loot attempt.
Fixed some issues where players were not getting kill credit while grouped.
Fixed an issue where players would disconnect when attempting to trade money.
Players can no longer unequip a bag if they don’t have the inventory space to do so.
Fixed an issue where quest items would sometimes not drop for grouped players.
Trading crafted/modified items now works properly
Work order quests are no longer be available for dropped tradeskills.
Attempting to vacuum loot with full bags now displays an error.
Loot you have rights to can now be looted after relogging.
Fixed issue where item cooldowns would sometimes appear on the wrong items.
Power amps now give flat item power bonuses instead of level offsets.
Power amps might now require an item with X amount of base item power
Salvaging crit chance is now based on the base quality of the item.
Bind on Equip items are now implemented.
Vendors will subtract the repair cost of damaged items when buying from players.
Systems that push items to players will now mail them if the player’s inventory is full
Added the Supply Satchel for storing tradeskill materials.
Updated the default loot rules: round robin for white/grey, need/greed for green or higher.
Groups will now be notified of need/greed roll winner.
Loot rolls now time out appropriately (1 minute for green items, 3 minutes for blue).
Coordinate crafting will now take the base materials at craft start time. Be aware, canceling after pressing Start will not refund materials.
Crafting now requires proximity to a crafting station.
Fixed display issues with the Architect tech tree.
Fixed bug that was causing Architect XP to be granted whenever anyone unlocked their first achievement.
Repair costs have been drastically reduced.
Cost of the first mount increased to 30 gold.
Due to planetwide economic factors, crafters will need to purchase cost materials on a recipe by recipe basis from a crafting vendor
Completely coincidentally, Protostar has revealed their new product line: U-Craft series Vendbots!
Ranging from Lite to Ultra, these bots sell crafting goods, including cost materials, tools, architect and technologist additives, and occasionally, limited stock of materials which are normally found as world drops.
Both Dominion and Exile forces have updated their tradeskill hubs, which now include a host of personnel, embedded crafting stations, a vendbot, work order board, and fancy sign.
Existing Work Orders in Algoroc and Galeras have been updated.
Updated Tradeskill descriptions on the Tradeskill Trainer.
The level requirement on Basic Medishot has been reduced to 3, and the Basic Medishot SR to 5.
Crafting Tutorial Quests are now correctly given/received via the Communicator.
Cotton has been replaced with Canvas
All classes now have the same quest reward choices (with the exception of weapons).
Salvaging starts at level 6 instead of level 10 now.
XP, Reputation and Gold have been removed from Challenge Loot Wheel. In a future update, completing a Challenge will automatically grant all three of these, in addition to the Loot Wheel reward.
Housing items have been added as rewards to Challenges, Quests, Loot, Path Rewards, and Reputation Vendors.
Shields now have stats other than stamina on them.
Additives are now found only on vendors.
Added Audio for the following Class abilities:
Fade Out
Mental Boon
Spectral Frenzy
Arcane Infusion
Focus Target
Power Torrent
Precision Fire
Sigil: Purify
Analyze Weakness
Blood Thirst
Nano Field
Tether Mine
Bum Rush
Plasma Shield
Character Creation screen Music added