Massively Exclusive WildStar's character creation music

Get ready to hear the theme that will be burned into your subconscious as you fine-tune your dozens of future WildStar avatars. Carbine Studios sent us a first look, er, listen to the character creation theme for the game.

The seven-minute tune is was composed by Jeff Kurtenacker (Pirates of the Burning Sea) and gives you a thematic feel for your first minutes in WildStar. It’s a little regal, a little sparkly sci-fi, and all yours to hear after the jump!

Very, very nifty.  Has that great feeling of the start of an epic journey, the sort of thing you’d get while the noble hero suits up and steps out the door for the first time, knowing it’ll be a long, long road ahead.  If the rest of the music can capture setting and mood this well, that’ll be awesome. ^_^