I aim to misbehave.

The fanbase for WildStar has only grown since the game’s initial announcement, and the team behind the game knows that this is the hardest time to be a fan. The game isn’t out yet, after all, and that means that all fans can really do is chew on bits and pieces of interviews and previews. So in honor of Thanksgiving, the team found a special way to say thanks to the fans.

A couple weeks ago, WildStar Wednesday outlined the lore behind the Exile/Dominion factional split. The story of Brightland’s rebellion caught the imagination of a fan by the handle of Dyraele who penned a poem about the event. The team was so taken by the poem that they sat down, grabbed some instruments, and made a song out of it. Now everyone can enjoy a little musical adaptation of the game’s lore in the video just past the cut, which we can all agree is a pretty effort-intensive way for the developers to thank fans for their devotion.

Really great job!   It’s particular cool how that was a poem made by someone following the game and they turned it into that beautiful song.    It’s a good sign for the game if there’s this kind of creativity behind it.