WildStar's holidays on display

With real-world summer festivities like Canada Day and the 4th of July fresh on the minds of many gamers, it seems like the right time for the folks at Carbine Studios to talk about WildStar’s celebrations. CM David Bass lays out two such holidays for our perusal: Starfall and Foundation Day.

Starfall is an Exile holiday that remembers the day that the wandering fleet crossed the galaxy to discover the Eldan planet. For the Exiles, Starfall marks the end of their journey and the beginning of a new home. It’s a weeklong celebration that includes plenty of games, including Kiss the Matria (chances are that’s a lot less sexy than it sounds). The festival is capped by an enormous fireworks display put on by the Alchemist’s Guild.

Foundation Day, on the other hand, remembers both the foundation of the Dominion Empire and the establishment of Nexus as its new homeworld. Contrasted with the rough-and-tumble celebration of Starfall, Foundation Day is far more regal and official. After all, speeches are way better than kissing Matrias, right?

Both Starfall and Foundation Day come around about the same time each year, and depending on a player’s allegiance, she might find herself engaging in a different celebration than her friends.