In a world full of potential and chaos, WildStar’s factions will succeed on the

planet Nexus on the backs of the Settlers. The Settlers don’t just build bonfires for

sappy Explorers to sing around; these titans of construction will save you time in

dungeons, establish bigger outposts, and open up new realms of quests for everyone.

At a recent media event, Carbine Studios executive producer Jeremy Gaffney was only

too happy to explain how the Settler path opens up the world, intersects with

housing, and even plays a part in PvP.
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Massively: So tell us, what type of player should select the Settler path?

Jeremy Gaffney: Settlers are for socializers. We usually talk about the Settlers

primarily socializing, but they are also about building. It’s an achievement type

that is under-served. It feels good to actually improve and make your mark on the


How does a Settler contribute socially/mechanically to the community and the game


When you go into a town, you see a couple of different things. You’ll see some things

that need maintenance, like a farmer’s fence that has been destroyed; now his cows

are escaping and you need to repair it. These types of interactions are separate from

questing. You just find them and use the object or one of your path abilities. The

internal name for that, which probably won’t be used in the game, is a

“minfrastructure” (mini-infrastructure). There is also true infrastructure like

building a new shop, building a new vendor, or building a bus station. These are the

major things you do in town. Usually, you’ll do the smaller projects to gather

resources for these bigger projects.

Entirely separate from that is unlocking Settler powers that allow you to free-farm

anywhere. It isn’t all “go and see the only five things I can do.” You have a goal.

You’re either trying to raise a town’s values or you’re working to utilize your

abilities. The more people use them, the more benefit you get from them.