WildStar business model reveal coming 'in the next month or so'

WildStar’s business model is still a mystery, and even though executive producer Jeremy Gaffney recently hosted a Develop panel on game monetization, he didn’t provide any details relating to Carbine’s upcoming sci-fi title.

Develop interviewed Gaffney following the event, and while he avoided specifics, he did say that Carbine is gearing up for a “big reveal here in the next month or so about what we’re doing that’s really compelling.”

“We’re trying to find our own sweet spot in this market where people aren’t feeling like they’re getting screwed over,” Gaffney continued. You can watch the interview clip after the cut.

Just to throw it in there, the F2P model isn’t that bad, for a lot of people newer or less versed in MMO play, F2P with a cash shop is a great way to get us to spend money instead of through a subscription. I personally have spent most of my time on online games avoiding spending money on them (tried a Runescape subscription when I was a wee tween, and that lasted about 4 months before I felt I’d gotten my moneys worth and dropped it. Cash shop games, though, I’ve spent a lot more money on (I’ve dropped an embarassingly large amount of money on LoL just for skins.. they’re so shiney!)