Unfortunately, no bunny-men yet.  Oh, well.

There’s a lot to be learned about the setting of WildStar before the game starts in on testing, but there are also a lot of prospective players eager to learn whatever they can. So they’ll probably be happy to take a look at the latest entry on the official blog, a mock-interview with the Aurin character Liara from the game’s original cinematic trailer. Aside from providing some character insights, it gives a look at the Aurin as a species beyond the obvious.

The Aurin come from the forested planet of Arboria, where large ears and long tails for balance have some decided evolutionary advantages. Unfortunately for the Aurin, the Dominion invaded the planet and began cutting everything down, leading to the displaced animal-people lending their knowledge to the Exiles. It’s an interesting glimpse at the game’s lore for both the Aurin and for Scientists, something that several eager WildStar fans will no doubt devour with vigor.