I am a leaf on the wind.  Watch me soar.

Has your enthusiasm wavered at all for WildStar? The game has been a no-show at the most recent conventions, and with not much new to see, it’s easy to start wondering if anything’s been happening with the game. Fear not; the newest installment of WildStar Wednesday produces quite a bit for fans to watch and speculate upon — it’s four minutes of a guided tour of the content and mechanics currently in friends and family testing.

Certainly differnt and… Gamey, as in riminds me of the old platform game super jumping and stuff. Certainly a nice lloking change from the push for “realism” in many more modern MMO’s. Never payed much attention to this game but will have to know… Along with all the other MMO’s I am looking forward to. Crazy really when you think for nearly 5 or so years we where lucky if there where one or two high quaility MMO’s on the horizon, now there is more then anyone could likly keep up with.

One of the bigger elements being shown off is the evolving action mechanics of the game. The video explains how the more freeform targeting system is working and how players can interact with the environment to change up the battlefield. The Scientist and Settler paths are also displayed in working order, adding on to the previously seen Soldier and Explorer paths. And there are new areas, new monsters, and hints of more footage to come. So by all means, jump on past the break and watch the game strut its stuff for a while.