WildStar concept art

The world of WildStar is one of adventure, intrigue, and of course, treasure. But many players are curious as to what kind of environs they’ll be visiting, what grand sights they’ll be seeing, and what unfortunate natives they’ll be mercilessly slaughtering. Well, the folks at Carbine Studios are looking to relieve some of that curiosity with the freshly launched World page.

The first planet up for review is one of the game’s main hubs, Nexus. Originally the planet of the mysterious and technologically advanced Eldan, Nexus has since been claimed by the galactic empire known as The Dominion. As The Dominion declares war upon the planet’s new settlers (known as the Exiles), treasure-hunters, pirates, and intergalactic corporations alike have come to Nexus in an attempt to find valuable and powerful Eldan artifacts and to uncover the secret of the Eldan’s mysterious disappearance. For the full details, head on over to the WildStar official site.